Week 6: A break for all

This week started off busy, but the workload quickly dropped off since there are several people (including our editor-in-chief and design editor) out of town.

One thing I’ve really learned since being here is that everyone depends on each other. Sometimes you have to wait a bit (and sometimes days) to have anything to work on because you’re waiting on someone else. Often times, they’re people who don’t even work here – article sources, guest columnists, PR photo requests, etc. But sometimes, you’re waiting on edits from someone who isn’t in the office, so the page just sits idly for days until they’re back in the city. In addition, the way GH editing process goes, there’s a design lull a week or so in to the month cycle, where we’re sort of at a stand still. We’ve already created the initial layout, but we’re waiting on content before we can see what works and what doesn’t work. There’s a lot of waiting and finding other projects to fill your time before anything can be done for the actual magazine. We were so light on work, we were allowed to leave early one day and catch a Jimmy Fallon taping (yay!).

In the mean time, I’ve found it’s important to constantly be on the search for creative swipe, so I spend my free time at work on Pinterest, or other design sites. I’ve even tried my hand at illustration.

But before the lull hit this week, Morgan and I both stayed pretty busy working on a bookazine for an upcoming GH edition. Every few months, we put together a themed bookazine for Walmart’s edition of the magazine. The Christmas themed book is about beauty, so we spent our days looking through old content to recycle that could be reused in the book. We assembled some content, and then they let us try our hand at designing six of the pages for the book. We’re both hoping that they keep our designs for Christmas!

The last assignment of the week is getting a chance to start on the Pet Edit page for October. We’ve got some photos in, so I’ve gotten a chance to play around a bit with the materials. Hopefully, next week I’ll get to do more with it. 

Photo: Once the world load lightened up, we were allowed to take an afternoon off to check out Jimmy Fallon. The joys of living in New York!