Week 5: A new month

It’s week five, and I can’t believe that I’ve already seen one whole month rotation. I saw the September edition from beginning to end, plus we are already seeing the beginnings of October.

With wrapping up the end of September, there were some small tasks I had to do throughout the week. In addition to running edits between designers and directors, I also was frequently commuting downstairs to the cover lab, where covers are tested for color and composition. I only had to bring them back up to the office, but it was still fun to see the cover come together with each new copy.

The last big project I had for September was our survey page – a page in the front of the book every month that is a composition of a variety of pages from the current issue with a sweepstakes on top of the background. It’s one of the last pages to be done every month, since all of the other pages have to be finished to go in to the final composition. Morgan and I got a chance to put that together, and the finished project can be seen inside the September issue of the magazine!

Besides that, I’ve stayed busy working on some more photo research. Our photo editor just left for another job and our photographer is on location for another shoot, so our photo team is pretty nonexistent this week, and the art department has been trying to pull some extra weight. This includes (but not limited to) a few shopping runs for props, like boxing gloves, lily flowers, grass, etc. You never know what we’re shooting for the day! I’ve also been dealing with saving photos in to their proper place as corporate product images get sent to us for whatever spread they’re needed on.

One great thing I’ve seen this week is how in a time of being short staffed in the photo department, everyone has all contributed to help figure things out. People are always willing to help one another for the sake of the magazine, and I love the teamwork attitude everyone has.

Last assignment of the week was assembling "the book" for one of our corporate editors. We print a copy of every page (which is hard to stay updated since pages are changing nearly every minute) and put them in a line up of how they will be printed in the magazine into a binder. This includes accounting for full-page ad spaces, right and left page alignments, etc. It's not hard, but tedious as things are constantly being changed up until the last minute. 

Next week, I am going to start working on my two pages for the month – At My House and Pet Edit. Can’t Wait!